This Concept / Purity - Split release

by Purity.

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released October 20, 2014

*Self Worth & Black Sheep; written & performed by This Concept*

Recorded and mixed at the Brain Studios with, Fletcher Matthews and Clayton Segelov

Guest vocals on "1996" by Brae Fisher and Samuel Bauermeister of Dear Seattle

Mastered at West West Side mastering by Alan Douches

Artwork by

Madeline Masarik

Much love to our new friends in This Concept and big kudos to Manny from Faithlovehope Promotions for releasing and setting up this split.



all rights reserved


Purity. Canberra, Australia

winter emo

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Track Name: The Furthest Place From Her Is The Closest Place To Nowhere
Everything’s lame, & I;m feeling kind of blue (kind of blue) You sat & watched the rain, smiling despite the pain & now I am painting over mirrors, to hide the burden, ( to blind your shame) Paramedics fight the pills you take, But they don’t know your Christian name

Oh dearest sunflower, won’t you stay the night, We can poison our veins, with cheap beer & wine

Then you will stain, These tailored sheets Vomiting til you bleed Why take pills for beauty You said you do it for me Close your blue eyes Your body starts to cease, sex lies and deceit

Crying about her youth While the rain drowns us both You’ve locked yourself in the bathroom, I leave the house, so I can leave this town Selfishly leaving her behind.

I’m so tired, exhausted, day dream of suicidal thoughts and (The smell of rain) Try to be grateful that you’re not fucking dead yet I’ll be there, still drinking (It makes me miss your face) Try to find myself a reason, She was so tired, & I left her there Retching to the toilet bowl

Unconscious, not breathing, She has a small chance of living, Paramedics are screaming At the amount of blood that’s spilling The bath is, still draining Her narrow light is gaining She dreams that I’m still here, Now she knows that she’s dying

& now the saddest part of this, Is admiring your silhouette & hope you hear my vows, I love you.
Even though we’re both ghosts, our hearts are still made of glass & the overcast tells, how miserable it is,
& I slither from, the depths of my pillow, Drowning secrets I had dared not to voice.
Track Name: 1996
Your love left me long ago
But I buried the bricks of this house that your sadness once built,
Though you branded your name into my heart, so I could love no other
I still feel the long lasting burn of our last night,
Your silhouette,
It still has the same effect, but of course you dont know that though
Departed, no grace, should I let you go?

We never could find each other in the dark,
I guess we were hiding from each others past,
I guess we're hiding from one another,
We don't need to run anymore
I dreaded even heaven when it comes to leaving your side
So the feeling of being under a cypress tree,
With you under the green
Knowing that you're watching me about 6 feet deep
I'll keep your headstone decorated
With scented candles and notes from our friends while other ghosts convene,

In your beauty rests both my life and my death with my tired mind,
So I'll be the poet and you'll be the poetry
Joining broken hearts and story telling scars,
Falling in love with the frost of an overcast,

Interwoven in my skin and bones,
Was the fractured dream of dying alone,
The heartache and pain of a lovers complaint,
Is the burnt out story of man made misery,

Let me near your lips like caffeine
And let me run into your heart and keep you breathing through your veins
I would not bend my knees
To the unmantled chaos
That left you in this place,

At night I hear you call my name,
I feel the warm of your body underneath the sheets,
You life is now poetry,
Burn your name into my soul
There's a rhythm to my misery,
And it's you,

When you are old and you are grey and full of sleep,
And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look your eyes had once,
And of their shadows deep;
How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face run